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Change myself,

Change the world

Stories about the pursuit of happiness

I offer three categories of blog posts.  Mind, Travel, and Food.  What's the common theme?  Our pursuit of Happiness.  Not "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."  And not the fleeting kind of happiness we look forward to on weekends, getting away from day to day life.  But a deeper, sustained happiness about ourselves and our lives.

Sometimes we go to bed crying, feeling like the world is against us or that we are nothing in this cruel world.  Other days we wake up feeling like a victim to the rat race that we have to suck up and face.  We power through it and make the best of it.  Scratching at the air to claim the power we desire.  Tolerating misery in order to be happy.

Because we want and deserve to be happy.

On one level, these are simple stories.  Stories about how our Mind works and how to gain control over it.  Stories about good Food.  And stories about Travel experiences.   These are my experiences and insights--take them or leave them--written to inspire your own ideas.  On a deeper lever, they are stepping stones towards creating happiness in your own life.  

man in despair
Food market in Myanmar
Asian food dishes

Do you find you have a lot of conflict in your life, with family or strangers?  Do you wish there weren't so many a-holes in the world?  Do you wish people would see and understand the real you?  We are the way we are not because we were born that way, but because we learned to act and react a certain way.  Our minds get wired to react and respond in that certain way when we grow up our whole lives.  We never learned other ways of responding and reacting to conflict.  And when we are offered alternative ways of responding, that same wiring tells us that "it doesn't work" or won't work.

I offer posts on our Mind to anyone really frustrated they can't break out of the cycle.  I also offer free consultation and paid ongoing sessions to those that really want to understand how their mind works.  Read on or contact me.

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