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"I am who I am and there is nothing I can do about it."

I'm 55.  And from my late teens until 45, I was resigned to believing that.  Often in conflict, being misunderstood, not fitting in, feeling "less-than" and miserable while maintaining the outward appearance that I was basically doing just fine.  Turns out, as smart as I am, I was wrong.

10 years ago, I started learning how the mind works.  Literally, why we think the way we do.  I started learning skills few people ever teach you.  Over the following years, knowing how our minds work allowed me to be less of a victim and more of a player.  I no longer felt powerless, shame, and misery and started to feel in control, powerful and content.  I learned how to map my way to the happiness and power I wanted.

The result?  I am much more relaxed and happy.  The people around me are no longer assholes, and yet I have not removed myself from situations or people in order to do that.  Of course I still have my negative days, I get pissed off, and I get down in the dumps.  But it's nothing like before.

Learning these skills is much easier in person, interactively.  But I offer these posts to reach more people who may be feeling similar.  The skills are simple.  Adopting them takes belief, commitment, practice and reflection.

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