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We eat 3 meals a day, every day of our lives.  That's 1095 meals a year.  Even if we miss a few meals, we eat over 1000 meals every year.  We eat to live, a requirement to keep us alive.  When we do it well, we eat healthy to keep our body healthy and live even longer.  But I also eat for another reason--to improve my mental happiness and sometimes expand my world.

I look at many meals as an opportunity to improve my happiness level.  I choose them somewhat carefully--what would I love to eat this week?  I'll drive a little farther to get that authentic NY pizza I haven't had in several months.  I'll search around the city where my doctor's appointment is and see what's good, a little hole in the wall with great reviews, or a popular joint with "the best caesar salad".

And if I'm not craving something in particular, I'll search out an ethnic restaurant or store and try what's popular in their home country, because I bet they're good at making their popular dish. And just because I can't pronounce it and have never heard of it, doesn't mean its weird or not delicious.  I keep an open mind and an open mouth.  And if I don't like it, I don't have to finish it--no harm done.

I share some of my food experiences here in case they inspire anyone to push the boundaries of their comfort zone or just give someone a tip on some great food to try!  Happy eating.

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